Pofadder Provides Iconic Land Rover Experience

Image by Dwayne Senior

38 kilometres into a stage packed with amazing singletracks, comes one of the Western Cape’s most iconic trails. Built for the second edition of FNB Wines2Whales, back in 2010, the Pofadder was an instant hit. Though in the early years it was more notorious than famous. Rebuilt for 2019 it doubles as Stage 2’s Land Rover Experience and it is easy to see why.


Climbing from the Paul Cluver Amphitheatre via the Cobra, Mamba and Boomslang singletracks, riders reach Pofadder in need of downhill thrills. It does not disappoint, though it also does not drop as precipitously as the gradient on the profile suggests. Rather, the Pofadder slides along a descending line into a narrow gorge, overlooked by a spectacular waterfall.


Given the buckets, or perhaps jo-jo tanks is more apt, of rain the Egin Valley received in the four days leading into the Pinotage’s Play Day it was no surprise that the Pofadder waterfall was raging. Great foamy torrents of cola-coloured water thundered over the ledge high above the bridge which makes the trail so unique.


The trail itself starts on clay; banked to a perfectly flat surface on the steep, fynbos covered slope. Then the clay gives way to a short bridge as the trail winds into the narrow ravine. Chicken mesh lines the surface, ensuring grip in even the worst of conditions. The first, short, bridge is followed by more clay singletrack; interspersed with concrete stepping stones on a steep section.


Approaching the right turn which heralds the start of the truly noteworthy section of Pofadder a small sign provides some final advice: “relax and have fun.” A phrase which could well be the maxim of the entire FNB Wines2Whales series of events. And the tag-line for the Pinotage in particular.


Sweeping off the soil and onto the wine-barrel bridge, the real fun begins. Constructed from the ribs of old wine barrels, pulled apart and lashed to the supporting spine, concave sides facing up. Short and wide, like the adder which gives it its name, the main feature of the Pofadder is banked and surfaced with chicken mesh to ensure it can be navigated at speed.


Dropping off the wine-barrel section, the bridge continues, crossing the gorge and the raging torrent below. It is broad and stable, constructed to last the harshest Elgin winter. Surely only a fire, like the one which raised the latest original Pofadder to the ground, could bring the new bridge down.


To celebrate the rebuilding of the Pofadder, Race Director Hendrico Burger nominated it as the Land Rover Experience trail for Stage 2. Among the many iconic trails of the area it stands out, unique and instantly recognisable. It is also easy enough for anyone to ride and challenging enough, when ridden at full speed, to be fun for even the most skilled riders. It, like the advice, originally provided by Burger himself, is indicative of the FNB Wines2Whales more generally: technical at speed, safe for all mountain bikers, and most importantly a source of #SeriousGEES if you just relax and have fun.