LinAqua Hydrates FNB Wines2Whales for 2019 and Beyond

Mountain biking is a thirsty business, so it is fortunate for all FNB Wines2Whales entrants that LinAqua are committing to keeping every rider hydrated.

Stellenbosch based mineral water brand LinAqua will be taking care of every FNB Wines2Whales riders rehydration needs from 2019 and beyond. Having recently joined the stage race’s sponsorship family their focus is clear; to provide mountain bikers with high quality drinking water so they can get on with the important things, like riding their bikes and enjoying the #SeriousGEES.

LinAqua first started bottling water, on the Linquenda farm, in March 2019. The water is extracted from deep granite formations and is bottled in 100% recyclable bottles. In fact, even the caps of LinAqua bottles are 100% recyclable. Along with the companys environmental consciousness they are also committed to job creation in their area, employing and upskilling members of the local community.

LinAqua is owned and managed by cycling enthusiasts, Paul Roux, the Managing Director of LinAqua Water explained. “As a community driven business, we wanted to be involved with the FNB Wines2Whales events as it is important to supply cyclists with clean natural drinking water to replenish the natural minerals they have sweated out while on the bike,” he elaborated.

The early summer heat and losing fluids while riding can cause dehydration, Hendrico Burger, FNB Wines2Whales Race Director stated. We are therefore thrilled to welcome LinAqua into our sponsorship family. It can be easy to forget to drink enough water after a stage, but with LinAqua’s bottled mineral water readily at hand it will make it far more convenient for riders to rehydrate.

Burger continued: It is important to FNB Wines2Whales that LinAqua’s bottles are 100% recyclable. Single use plastics are obviously a major concern and as one of the foremost mountain biking stage races in the country, we feel it is our responsibility to lead the way in the reduction of plastics which get sent to landfill. We will be working with LinAqua and all our other sponsors and suppliers to devise ways to mitigate the amount of plastic used during FNB Wines2Whales.

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