Land Rover Experience Brings #SeriousGEES to FNB Wines2Whales

Land Rover, our official route and vehicle partner, are assisting in ensuring that there’s as much #SeriousGEES on the trails as there is in the famed Race Village. With the gees-o-meter already ringing after our recent Route Update announcement, Land Rover knew that the only way to elevate the excitement was by designating sections of each day’s trails to smiles, skills, and thrills.

Introducing the Land Rover Experience Sections!

Candice Lill’s 2018 FNB Wines2Whales victory capped the best season of her career thus far; but halfway into 2019, she is on course to exceed last year’s results. We caught her in fine form after her European racing block and put her perfectly honed singletrack skills to good use to showcase how each Land Rover Experience section can (and should) be ridden. Here’s a breakdown of what’s to come:

Willie’s Trail

Willie’s Trail provides the first of the events’ Land Rover Experience trails. Located in the run-in to the Grabouw Country Club and the final water point of the day, it provides riders with the chance to test their skills on a lengthy piece of trail that could become sandy if the sun comes out. The trailhead is within easy walking distance from the spectator point at the Grabouw Country Club so expect fans to line sections of the tight and twisting singletrack and cheer you on.

Strava: FNB W2W | Willie’s Trail

KOM: Lance Stephenson (03:48 | 2019)

QOM: Barbara Benko (04:21 | 2019)


Having been rebuilt for the 2019 events there can be no argument that Pofadder is a fitting choice for Stage 2’s Land Rover Experience. At 420 metres long it is by no means the lengthiest singletrack of the stage but it is sure to be the most memorable. It starts as a path cut into the steep mountainside before crossing a the ravine on an  impressive bridge built partially from the farm’s retired wine barrels. The nervous among the FNB W2W field need not be concerned as the bridge is covered by a wire mesh, ensuring excellent grip regardless of the weather conditions.

Strava: Pofadder ST

KOM: Xavier Damseaux (00:52 | 2017)

QOM: Sarah Hill (01:17 | 2018)

The Gorge

The Gorge will be more than familiar to any FNB W2W old hand. The trail hugs the cliff face while below to the left the Onrus River bubbles downstream towards the sea. Featuring an intimidating initial drop, on a bridge, it gradually opens and becomes increasingly easy to ride at pace. It is definitely less technical than it looks, so do not be unnecessarily intimidated, trust your skills and your bike will do the rest.

Strava: FNB W2W | The Gorge

KOM: Alfred Horne (1:05 | 2017)

QOM: Sabine Spitz (1:26 | 2019)